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Crossfit boxes are becoming almost as popular as Gyms, and this creates the need for for specialized supplements to suit the needs of this fast growing sport.  As Crossfit is a combination of weights, circuit and endurance training, it requires pre trainers that are made to provide physical energy over long periods, replacing ATP energy and blocking Lactic Acid as you go (not the physical drain of caffeine). Crossfit also requires intra, recovery and muscle repair aminos, and the perfect post workout protein to replace glycogen energy supplies and provide fast acting protein to kick start the recovery and muscle...

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To many, bodybuilding is a peculiar sport if in fact it is a sport. It's really more of a lifestyle that is completely dedicated to building muscle and burning fat depending on which phase of training they happen to be in. The dedication of bodybuilders should not be understated in my opinion as they put themselves through huge physical and mental stresses to achieve their goals. Most bodybuilders will tell you that the most grueling part of their sport is the dieting and calorie restriction leading up to competitions. They all have their own diets with varying ideas on what...

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Activation of the latissimus dorsi (lats) during back exercises is something a lot of people struggle with. One of the reasons for this is that you can't actually see your back during these exercises, this makes the mind muscle connection more difficult. Also, trying to lift too much weight forcing correct form to collapse is a big factor. Some things to keep in mind when performing back exercises. 1) Hold your core nice and tight with a slight arch in your back the whole movement to prevent injury and maintain strict form. Taking a breath in and holding it at...

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