The Genius Brand is a product of our own industry realization. Genius Supplements are a byproduct of rejecting the supplement industry dogma that has misguided generations of health & wellness enthusiasts into believing supplements don’t work or that your pre-workout has to be legal amphetamines for it to be effective or you have to drink BCAAs all day if you are serious about building muscle.

Genius was Born

The Genius Brand was born with an emphasis on science and complete disregard for standard profit margins. We were going to make the best products possible and worry about cost later. That sounds crazy to most, but if nothing else, there would finally be some products on the market that we could use again! When we put together our thermogenic fat burner formula, Genius Burn – we found out that it would cost us 4x what a “normal” fat burner would cost to make.

We smiled. We wouldn’t have the multi-million marketing budgets like the other companies but we launched with the belief that anyone who tried our products would notice the difference and embrace this new found quality. You see – whether you’re an IFBB pro, stay at home mom or anything inbetween – our products can be of benefit to you. We don’t need to “market to women” or “market to bodybuilders” because when products are made according to science, the benefits will always be consistent.

If you’re new to Genius, we thank you for the opportunity & ask that you forget everything you thought you ever knew about supplements. We are all on a journey to unlocking the best respective versions of ourselves and we are here to ignite the process – it’s the key to a better world. We are all humans.

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