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FREE UM Ascend Pre Workout with any UM 2kg WPI Bundle Purchase.

FREE UM Ascend Pre Workout with any UM 2kg WPI Bundle Purchase.



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Let us take a look at the different ways Supplements can help us improve our performance in Sport, Training and or Lifestyle.

Supplements can help with the following :

Muscle recovery

Muscle growth

Power and energy


Weight loss

Weight gain

General diet management


Muscle Growth and Recovery

The most common use of supplements is for muscle growth and recovery, where similar processes are involved. That is the revival or repair of muscle tissue with new growth.

All muscle tissue is made of protein and therefore your body needs a constant supply of protein to effect the fastest repair or growth. If protein is not available in your digestive system, your body will revert to breaking down muscle (catabolism) to provide the necessary amino acids used to rebuild and grow tissue that has been damaged by training.

The best way to avoid catabolism is to use a multi release, constant and long term release protein, several times per day to ensure protein, and therefore aminos, are available at all times. This is best done by taking your protein mid way between your meals, after training, and before bed. As recovery is ongoing for 2 or three days after training protein should also be taken between meals and before bed on non trainng days.

After training carbohydrates should be added to your protein shake, to ensure muscle tissue is not lost to replace energy (glycogen) in stores in your muscles and liver.

Other supplements commonly used for muscle recovery and growth are specialist post training recovery mixes, testosterone boosters and HGH elevators.

Recovery mixes usually consist of different mixes of ingredients like Glutamine, HMB, and Branch Chain Amino Acids. These work to enhance your system’s tissue building ability, to ensure your body can recover and grow before your next training session.

The most proven of the testosterone boosters are the ones based on Tribulus Terrestris, with the protodiosin % being the accepted indicator of product strength. By stimulating the production of higher levels of testosterone in the body, their use results in more muscle recovery and growth as well as power and endurance, and lifts you mentally for your training.

HGH stimulating formulations trigger the release of a larger amount of growth hormone from the pituitary gland which provides recovery, well being and lean muscle growth.

For information on the various types of these supplements, and their use, phone, email, or call in and see us in store.


Power and Energy

Many products have been developed as pre training drinks to provide more power and energy in your training or sport. Consisting mainly of types of creatines on their own, or combined with various other ingredients such as nitric oxide boosters and other ATP precursors, they provide extended energy levels, increased strength and recovery on the go.

The most popular are types of creatine combined with nitric oxide boosters (special types of arginines) to greatly enhance your ATP power, energy, pump, oxygen and blood flow, and to buffer lactic acid build up.

Many companies take the populous route of lacing their products with caffeine which of course (besides depleting the effects of creatine and nitric oxide) is a mental fake which shuts down your body physically (restricting blood flow, dehydrating, catabolic on muscle tissue, etc) and leaving your system depleted, hindering recovery. (See full article on Caffeine under Articles)

Testosterone boosters are also in the power and energy class because of their overall effect especially on males. They provide motivation and strength during training as well as improving muscle growth and recovery.



To facilitate long term energy for endurance sports, companies who specialize in this field usually concentrate on products high in carbohydrates and electrolytes to replace energy spent while training or competing. These provide replenishment of the muscle energy store glycogen, and maintain the bodies PH balance which is essential, combined with adequate fluid intake to avoid dehydration.

Carbohydrate energy gels are also popular which provide an instant energy boost on the run.

Other products used in this field are recovery drinks containing protein and carbohydrates, ATP energy enhancers such as Co Q10 and some of the new creatine/nitric oxide pre training drinks can also be used to great advantage.


Weight Loss

Supplementing for weight loss consists of using protein powders to increase the lean protein intake as a percentage of your diet and decreasing the amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

To accelerate the fat loss process there are strong thermogenics, thyroid stimulators and liver cleaning systems, as well as products that shuttle fats into the muscles to be used as energy, and block the uptake of carbohydrates etc.

This area is quite involved and is dealt with in more depth in our fat loss article in our articles section.


Weight Gain

For people who have trouble maintaining weight or needing to bulk up for some sort of sport like football, there are blends of proteins and carbohydrates called weight gainers, designed to provide enough carbohydrates to provide your energy needs and have some left to convert to fat, which will provide a better base for your body to grow, sparing the protein to be used solely for building and repairing muscle tissue.

Many weight gainers will also contain essential fatty acids, glutamine and branch chain amino acids to enhance the growth process.

As mentioned before it is essential to have these products available to your body for most of the day therefore the proteins in weight gainers should also contain the fast, medium, and slow blends, and be taken several times every day.

See separate article on weight gain.


General Diet Management

There are many ways that supplements can assist you to attain a better diet.

Provide more protein where your diet is deficient.

Provide high protein low carbohydrate food to help lose weight.

Provide nourishing protein/ carbohydrate meal replacements for people who skimp on meals or need to gain weight.

Provide vitamins to compensate for inadequate fruit and vegetable intake, and so on.


This article is not meant to answer all your questions on supplementation but just to give an idea of some of the various uses supplements can be put to.


For further information on supplements for your individual needs you can

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